A Challenge for Me the Writer and You the Reader

Well, I am tired of writing about eating healthy and then here at home in my life, not living up to what I write about. I have decided to give the slow carb diet a try and track my progress here. If you have read around on this site very much, you can see that I have a huge interest in diet plans and I have tried many myself. I am convinced that dieting is so much more about the amount of calories you take in and the amount of calories that you burn. I think there is so much also about metabolism and hormones that we do not even know about, especially when it comes to understanding our own individuals bodies. I also think that there is a whole realm of psychological reasons for weight gains and losses. I look back on my own life and it was when I was relatively thin that I felt my best. Did I feel good because I was thin, or was I thin because I felt good? I tend to think that I was thin because I felt good.

Why the Slow Carb Diet

You may ask why I am choosing this diet versus something else. I am a pretty big Tim Ferris fan, and he wrote the 4 Hour Body and highlighted the benefits of going slow carb. It is not really that difficult of a plan to follow and it makes sense to me. I know that the Paleo diet, the HCG diet, Weight Watchers and even the South Beach Diet also can work….why? Because I have seen it work first hand with either myself or my friends. I have also seen what someone would call good ol’ fashion diet and exercise work too….but what they did was watch what they ate and exercised.  My belief when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off is this:

If you believe in a diet plan, it is something you can stick to long term, and you follow through with it and not get distracted by the next new and wonderful diet, THEN IT WILL WORK FOR YOU!

So, my promise to you is follow through. I think that this has been my biggest problem in the past. I do not consider myself a yo-yo dieter, but I did do the HCG diet about 15 months ago and lost about 25 pounds. I kept it off for about 7 months with pretty much a slow carb approach, although I did not know that was what I was doing.  Then, after Christmas, I fell off of the diet and started to slowly gain the weight back again. Why? I am not sure. I CAN tell you though that my energy levels were low, my time seemed strained, I felt stressed and tired a lot of the time.

My Challenge for You

My question to you as a reader is this: Does anybody want to join me in my quest to lose weight? I have thought about holding a contest for those who reach their goal and share their stories here at this site. Would anyone be interested in this? My idea would be first for a challenge to to take place, ending with 2011.  Then, I would feature the top contestants here on this site. What would be needed from you the reader is before and after pictures, weight and measurements and a story that would highlight the details of your goals and the diet plan that you followed.

The winners would be chosen by the visitors to this site, not by me…and although I will try and lose weight too, I will not be a contestant!

I am thinking an awesome prize(s) would be a Shopping card either in the way of a Visa or Mastercard.

Anyone up for this? Give me some of your ideas for this challenge, just leave your comments below.


I will come back to this page shortly and update. Don’t you love the pics???? I cannot believe I am exposing myself like this. It is embarrassing. What I am wearing is my first “goal”, which is to fit into these jeans and t-shirt comfortably. I also took pictures of me in a bathing suit, but just cannot bring myself to post them just yet.

Please give me some positive feedback to my challenge. I want to know what you all think!


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  • fritz adam bernales Aug 22, 2011, 10:14 pm

    Hi, I read about your article few days backand I’m quite interested in taking your chalenge.. I’ve been in a low carb diet since then.but the chalenge for me is that I’m not get used to it I’m an asian and I’m well used with carb. So far I’m used to this.. any feed back from my email pls.. tnx..happy dieting..

  • April Aug 23, 2011, 8:05 am

    I know that low carb diets work, especially in the beginning, but in the long term are hard to stick to. I really liked Neris and India’s book: Idiot Proof Diet, and I also think the South Beach diet can work: both of these begin to incorporate healthy carbs back into the diet slowly.

    I will definitely write a post that outlines the Slow Carb diet, all coming from Tim Ferris and my personal experience. I officially started yesterday with diet, took measurements, weight, and my “before” pictures.

    What an eye opener! Ferris said that the pictures would look worse than one would think, and he is sure right! :)

    That would be great if you want to join the challenge, and i will get the details hammered out very soon and get them put up!
    Thank you!

  • April Sep 9, 2011, 7:06 pm

    I really need to do a new post on my progress! I haven’t taken any new pictures, but I will next week….anyway, my third week in and I have lost a total of 13 pounds! Pretty happy, but my inches haven’t seemed to reduce that much…..hmmmm. I also have noticed an increase of energy, which for me, is MAJOR!!

    I will put another post up with my progress very soon!

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